Fire OG CRD Vape Pen (200mg)


Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Fire OG profile is a combination of hemp notes and aromas – it’s earthy and piney with pungent notes of lemon and citrus. Fire OG starts out uplifting – making you feel fired-up to take on the day and then eases into a calm serene feeling which leaves you relaxed and at ease. Fire OG is full of fresh citrus fruits and an earthy wholeness which makes it as relaxing for the senses as a day spent soaking up the sunshine.


A new addition to the Funky Farms’ prestigious Reserve Line, Fire OG 200mg is a high quality disposable vape pen designed to offer you the best vaping experience on the go.
Funky Farm Fire OG 200mg vape pen contains a broad spectrum distillate that delivers the entire plant’s benefits. The distillate contains CBD, a strong minor cannabinoid profile and terpenes.

*It contains no added fillers or cutting agents. Just hemp and terpenes or like we say it, no junk, all funk!

The Funky Farms CRD vape pen is convenience at its best. But that is not the whole story. Single-use and ready to vape, this Fire OG CRD vape pen is made with the best natural vape extract in the industry – the Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Fire OG distillate. Quality meets convenience!
This cartridge is formulated by experts to provide the maximum benefits from the hemp plant. The result is a perfect way to fire up for the day. Fire OG starts out uplifting, leaving you invigorated and refreshed, ready to take on the day, then eases into a calm, serene feeling that relaxes your whole body.