Hemp Smokes Blue


2,000 Total Cannabinoids per Pack | 20,000mg Total Cannabinoids per Carton

Hemp Smokes Blue deliver a tasty, medium-body smoke with distinctive rich flavor and slow, satisfying burn.

Earthy Now’s ALL NEW Hemp Smokes Blue are made from our proprietary High-CBD, High-CBG, Low-THC Cannabis Flower/Kief blend and now feature Biodegradable Filters and 100% Hemp Paper.

Their non-toxic paper and all natural filters will rapidly decompose to help keep Mother Earth clean and happy. Plus, our unbleached, sustainably grown hemp papers are made using the finest hemp pulp for a high quality slow burn and very little ash.

ALL NEW Hemp Smokes Blue are naturally organic, non-GMO and chemical free. No additives, toxins or pesticides of any kind…only the purest organic cannabis plants. Tobacco Free. Farm Bill compliant.

20 Smokes per pack |10 Packs per Carton

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