Pineapple Express CRD Vape Pen (200mg)


Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Pineapple Express CRD 200mg Vape Pen is the best natural vape extract in the industry. Single use and ready to vape, our Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab. Our Pineapple Express profile is a perfect complement of tropical citrus and sweet woodsy notes, which gives an energizing uplift paired with a relaxing vibe.


Funky Farms Pineapple Express 200mg CRD Vape Pen is a disposable vape pen that comes ready to use out of the box. It is equipped with a fully charged battery, and it is pre-filled with the vape concentrate. All you have to do is take a draw and enjoy.
The Funky Farms Pineapple Express vape pen delivers a potent 200mg active cannabinoids dose. It is broad-spectrum and therefore contains CBD, a strong minor cannabinoid profile and terpenes. The additional cannabinoids and terpenes in this extract cause their unique benefits and support the entourage effect, amplifying CBD’s therapeutic effects.

*It contains hemp and terpenes only. No added fillers or cutting agents. No junk, al funk!

This cartridge is infused with terpenes from natural sources. These terpenes are what gives it the delicious combination of tropical citrus and sweet woodsy notes and, most importantly, the energizing effects.
The terpenes also give this cartridge the refreshing vaping experience that most people are after. But it does more than just transport your taste buds to another dimension.
At 200mg, this disposable vape pen is guaranteed to provide you with all the benefits you need throughout the day.
The Funky Farms Pineapple Express CRD vape pen effects range from relaxing to invigorating. You can use it for a much-needed boost of energy in the afternoons or when unwinding after a stressful day.
The vape pen contains 3ml broad-spectrum hemp extract in a well-built ceramic heating element.